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Allison Turley Madden is an experienced divorce lawyer and divorce mediator.  She has represented clients in complex divorce matters for nearly three decades.  She applies the law and creativity to assist clients with complex issues that may arise when spouses and partners choose to consciously uncouple.

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Divorce Mediation

Most divorce matters wind up settling out of court and do not go to trial.  Unfortunately, many times parties do not reach a settlement until after they have spent enormous amounts of money on divorce lawyers and through contentious litigation.  The process of litigating often enflames already tense situations and emotions between the parties.  Many who start out wishing for reasonable, rational and civil resolutions to their situation end up embroiled in expensive and emotional legal battles for months or even years to come.  Divorce Mediation is a way to avoid this and join together with your partner to come up with creative solutions that enable to get you to the divorce finish line with less hostility, less turmoil and yes, less costs.  Let a qualified, skilled and experienced divorce mediator with nearly three decades of experience as a divorce lawyer representing clients in divorce and family law disputes, guide you both towards a rewarding outcome.

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Mediation:  The way to go if you are looking to resolve your matrimonial dispute in a harmonious and affordable manner.  Conscious Uncoupling Solutions will put you on the right path.   If you are considering divorce, and are looking for a professional divorce mediator or a divorce lawyer contact our offices to speak with a professional divorce mediator today.  We can then work with you through divorce mediation process and get you scheduled for your first mediation session so that you can take your first steps to getting on with your new life and wonderful future.  


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