Divorce and mediation SERVICES

Divorce and mediation SERVICES Divorce and mediation SERVICES

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CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING SOLUTIONS provides alternative divorce legal services to clients in the state of New Jersey.  Affordable solutions such as divorce mediation and legal representation allow you to maintain control over the outcome of your family law dispute.  Our services allow you to resolve your family law and divorce issues with the assistance of qualified professionals without the outrageous and expensive litigation costs so often associated with litigating your divorce.  


Divorce Mediation

The average cost of a contested divorce in New Jersey has been reported to be  $20,000 and to take on average 18 months. Most divorce matters wind up settling out of court and do not go to trial after litigation drags on for months or years.  The litigation process enflames already tense  emotions between the parties.  Many who start out wishing for reasonable, rational and civil resolutions to their situation end up embroiled in expensive and emotional legal battles for months or even years to come.  

Conscious Uncoupling Solutions provides alternative resolutions for  your family law case. Keep the control over the outcome by choosing to mediate with your partner or hire us for competitive, aggressive legal representation so that your family law case may get resolved quickly and fairly.  Get to the finish line with less hostility, less turmoil and more money in your pocket at the end of the day.  


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Conscious Uncoupling Solutions will put you on the right path.   If you are considering divorce, and are looking for professional and affordable guidance contact us today.  Let's get you on your way to your new life and wonderful future.  

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