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Our Approach


At Conscious Uncoupling Solutions we work with both parties involved in a family law dispute to arrive at creative and satisfactory solutions to their dispute. 

Why Mediation?

Cut through the hostility, the drama and the trauma of expensive litigation and settle your divorce

Settle your divorce through mediation with Conscious Uncoupling Solutions and cut out the drama, expense and emotional pain of expensive drawn out court battles.

Our Team

Allison Turley Madden, Esq.


With nearly three decades of experience representing clients in family law matters, Allison Turley Madden has concentrated her practice on divorce, child custody, support and alimony matters, complex equitable distribution matters, post-judgment modifications of support applications and a wide variety of areas of family law.  

Allison has proven to be an aggressive and highly skilled attorney who approaches her practice in a realistic and compassionate manner, always advising clients of the reality of their situation, the realistic potential outcomes and the most effective manner of obtaining a great result. 

In cases involving child custody, Allison works with parties to arrive at solutions that put the best interests of their children as a primary goal.  

Through mediation, Allison works directly with both partners to envision and create solutions to their disputes that allow couples and families to move forward through life in a positive healthy manner post-divorce. 

In addition mediation often saves parties substantial money on legal fees, saves time spent in court fighting over insignificant issues, and reduces hostility and negative emotions between the parties which can become inflamed during a divorce process.  

Allison lives in Hunterdon County New Jersey.  She is a single parent of two children who has herself weathered the divorce process and is able to relate to what clients are going through on a very personal level.  

While she loves the practice of law it is often upsetting to her to see the often unnecessary, increasingly litigious nature of the divorce process. 

We become “couples” because we see in our significant other a lifetime soul mate on our wedding day.  

When we decide to divorce, the process can be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally traumatic. 

How we handle that divorce can leave parties with additional scars that impact their future life, future relationship and future happiness.  

Its time to go about the process of uncoupling in a conscious and realistic way that will enable you to move on and upward through life.  

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