Divorce Mediation by Allison Turley Madden, Esq., Experienced NJ Attorney


Jane, Clinton, NJ

Excellent outcome.  I saved so much energy and time and money by going to mediation!

"I came to Allison Madden and conscious uncoupling midway through my divorce case when my husband and I simply could not agree on major issues.  Ms. Madden guided us forward and helped us come up with amazing solutions that we both agreed upon.  After a short time we were able to arrive at an agreement and we were divorced a few weeks later!"

Robert K.


"My wife and I were fighting about everything from custody to who was going to stay in the house.  Ms. Madden was outstanding and professional.  This divorce mediation process saved us countless hours in court and enabled us to arrive at an amazing outcome without the cost, battle and drama of court.  Without this mediation, my wife and I probably would have grown to hate each other during the divorce process.  We are now friends and are raising our daughter together while moving forward with our separate lives.  We both finished mediation with a feeling of completion and closure."


Lydia L. Flemington NJ


"I am deeply grateful that I had C.U.S. to help me and my partner work through so many difficult  issues.  While the divorce had come as a shock to me and I was dealing with major emotional upset, Ms. Madden was compassionate and patient in explaining the law and what different options we had.  She then helped us to work out an agreement."