Jane, Clinton, NJ

Excellent outcome.  I saved so much energy and time and money by going to mediation!

"I came to Conscious Uncoupling Solutions after being served with a divorce complaint and a complaint for custody by my spouse.  I was devastated and terrified.  I utilized CUS consultation services and had all of my questions answered and then moved forward with the document review and court appearance package.  I spent a fraction of the money my spouse did on the process and truly believe my attorney was more qualified and experienced than his.  The result was dismissal of the custody action and a fair and reasonable divorce agreement!"  Thank you CUS for making this so much less painful than it could have been and for saving me so much money!"  

Robert K.


"My wife and I were fighting about everything from custody to who was going to stay in the house.  Conscious Uncoupling Solutions and the attorney we ended up working with there were outstanding.    This divorce mediation process saved us countless hours in court and thousands of dollars.  It really was a "cheap divorce" alternative just as advertised.  Without this mediation, my wife and I probably would have grown to hate each other during the divorce process.  We are now friends and are raising our daughter together while moving forward with our separate lives.  We both finished mediation with a feeling of completion and closure."

Lydia L. Flemington NJ


"I  need to write to express how great an experience the DIY (Do it Yourself) Divorce Services provided by Conscious Uncoupling Services was.  My husband and I had worked things out between us and gone to seperate private attorneys who wanted $5000 each for retainers to do our uncontested divorce!  We ended up spending a fraction of that by utilizing the DIY service with a few phone and internet consultations.